Fragile to Mighty

You will have the opportunity everyday to make a choice to choose to show the love of Christ over material gain. The here and now reward or the soul winning opportunity. When I think of children I think of the wonderful opportunity to plant the seed of God, water it, nurture it, because some day it will bloom. When we take the opportunity with children to implant the seed of God and show the love of God you never know what thAt seed will carry them through and bring them to in their life. Right now we see fragile little beings but some day they will be men and women that will choose God as mighty warriors or choose the devil and self destruct. The same is true for anyone you meet you never know what part you are in their lives God is using to bring them unto Him. Don’t attach anything in this world as a condition to minister unto those God has placed around you.


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Mirror image

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27 KJV)
This summer we have been teaching about the image of Christ and how we should be reflecting His characteristics. Being a mirror image of Christ. As I have been praying about how to continue the lessons God has had me thinking about reflection and when People look into the mirror most of the time they don’t like what try see so they spend hours money and material to change or improve or make over what God has created. He created you just the way you are and it is the natural beauty that separates you from others. No one is like you. As we live in this world people have created a self image when God created us in His image. When you look into the mirror today try not to see you but see the Christ in you and know you are wonderfully made unique and loved by God!
“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. (Jeremiah 1:5 KJV)


Attitude reflection

This morning as I awoke my mind already began to think about what lies in the day ahead and how the way I look at the day will effect my attitude, my ability to get things done, my ability to work in relationship to others. So much in a day rides on our attitude and who or what we draw our strength from, or how we renew our mind even how we take care of ourselves. Everyday will present its self the opportunity to choose our attitude, and the kind of environment we surround ourselves in. A smile or a frown or a hug or shove can set the stage for the day. It sometimes not easy to have a good attitude because life is tough but let us take a moment and ask ourselves which action lines up like Christ after all we are suppose to be a mirror image. When we look in the mirror at the end of the day let us look back upon the day and say today I lived in the image of Christ and as a result thank you Lord for a great day! Remember to smile and say today is the day The Lord had made let is rejoice in it! Hallelujah!


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What do you think about End times?

When we start talking about end times or the return of Christ you always seem to get mixed emotions, responses, looks, comments, etc. But what makes it so controversial, what drives the emotion, doubt and the uncertainty? Why do people take this very topic and use it as a money making issue? I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is this everyday that exist is one day closer to the return of Christ. His word tells is what to look for, expect and the outcome and when we compare it to the world events including natural disasters, disease, wars, and so on we can literally see the scriptures coming to life. It is like a 3D movie unfolding although we already know the end result it is the journey that had people in a tailspin. In this group there are people from all over the world and each will see things from a different angle because of the position you are in. What do you see as you watch things unfold in line with the scripture?
People tend to often think they can predict the time day year of Christ return but even though we might be able to estimate to know exactly is contrary to the scriptures therefore don’t be fooled by the endless proclamations of a pinpoint day of Christ return.
“Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:1, 36, 37 NIV)


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When the waves of life come crashing in…..

FAITH and GOD Is something I have learned a lot about over the past year. I have to evaluate and re-evaluate myself over the past year because it seemed as though my faith/belief always came up a little short. Sometimes the waves of this world and life have left me washed upon the shore breathless/lifeless but just the mere thought of God or His word sometimes was just enough to bring me to my feet again, the name Jesus brought me back to life and hope. As I stand up today and look back over the past 11 months all O can do is shake my head and know it was nothing but God. The cares of this world tries to consume my soul but every morning I open my eyes I have no doubt it’s God’s breathe into my life into into my day into that moment. Faith is belief in things you can not see but in things hoped for. People today have fallen to the I’ll believe it when I see it but God works in your favor or shows up and out when you believe in the impossible. When you see things in a way no one else is able when you see supernatural and believe in the things God can and will do because of who He is and what he said in His word he would do. How is your faith today If the waves of the world came crashing down and left you lifeless who or what would you turn to to bring you back to life? Drugs? Alcohol? Internet? Other people? Etc. for me I will turn to the one who can not only revive me but sustain me through anything of this world. The is no wave to big or to high or to strong to over power the one who holds all things in His hands. Who is your breathe of life today?


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The Rising Of the Sun

I always love to get up early and watch the sun rise every one so different but yet each and every one signifies a new day. A chance for a new beginning. A chance to decide how we are going to breathe, worship,live, love, serve, and to be given the option of what we are going to do with the time God had given today. So many times we waste it living in our Worldly ways we miss the real true straight from God kinda thing because we have accepted to live as the world and as a result what we get is artificial unsatisfying things, relationships, and So on. If God holds your best and you choose to live worldly how much are you truly missing out because the voids you are filling aren’t with real things or things that are meant for you. the things that are meant for you God holds them in His hands and in His time he releases them and they flow and are beautiful and there is a peace that passes all understanding. No matter what right now God allows for morning to come in hopes today will be the day you get tired of living half empty and seek the fullness of Who He is and what He has that is just for you! For me! I will choose Christ because in Him is where the real is.


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So much more than words

God is my inspiration, He is the one who makes all things possible according to His will, He is the one who is my rock,my refuge, my strength in My time of weakness. He inspires me to see things beyond what they seem, He is the inspiration of my pen and the flow of my words. He is so much more that no words could ever do Him justice.


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